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January 3, 2009

Treat Your Resolutions like Royalty

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If you don’t attempt to immediately add your resolutions into you daily time management and your routine, what are you supposed to do with them??

I would argue the power of routine is strong enough to be contemplated as a worthy opponent to our success. Believing we can simply add to our routine or change it is some meaningful way is naive and will find us back in the comfort zone of familiarity before we can say “rumpelstiltskin.” Tough opponents require us to be cunning and smart when we go up against them.

Do not lump your resolutions with the rest of the, sometimes menial, daily list. They deserve better. Create them in written or graphic form and set them apart; give them their own special place and treat them like royalty.

You can immediately add reading or review of your resolutions to your daily routine without much trouble. This is a minor addition and can quickly become an enjoyable and inspirational part of your day.

The point when resolutions go from simply being reviewed to becoming part of the action is the point when we can no longer stand the fact that we are only reading them and not doing them. At this point, routine will gladly give way to the idea of a change.

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