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January 5, 2009

A Good Example

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I think an example would be helpful to better understand what I mean by giving resolutions their own place and reading or reviewing them daily. Let’s use the popular example of weight loss. This resolution would be difficult to forget because we see ourselves in the mirror everyday as an inevitable reminder. To write down “Lose Weight” and read it every day seems pointless. However, writing down the things you intend to do in order to lose weight and reviewing them daily is important to success.

Take the example of the working mother of two who wants to lose weight. She decides on a few small simple things she will do to change her current routine and help her lose weight. One of them is to take a healthy satisfying lunch to work each day instead of grabbing something from the nearby deli or restaurant. Each morning she is focused on the children, what needs to be done at work, and what needs to be ready when she gets home; she forgets to get the healthy food out of the refrigerator. One night she actually thinks about the next day’s lunch, packs up a healthy meal, and doesn’t give it another thought the next morning as she runs the kids out to the bus stop and jumps into her car.

If this working mom wrote down her small simple decisions about losing weight, put them into an attractive wood box, and simply read them every day, she would begin to remember her healthy lunch.


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